A Walk In Penn’s Woods

A Walk In Penn’s Woods

We were gratified by the turnout for the Durham-Springfield venue of the statewide Walk in Penn’s Woods event on October 1. 38 people in all walked with us on the Jere Knight Hiking Trail through the Fuller Preserve in Springfield Twp., or stopped by our greeting table. Ours was one of 61 sites in 46 counties across PA. The event was co-hosted by CCWA, Durham and Springfield township Environmental Advisory Councils, and the Heritage Conservancy. We walked the trail, learned about the history of the site, discussed forest stewardship and challenges, and viewed an American chestnut tree nursery showing efforts to breed a blight resistant chestnut strain. We’re looking forward to the next Walk in Penn’s Woods already scheduled for the first Sunday of October 2018.


Gathering and greeting



On the trail



The chestnut nursery

IMG_0073   IMG_0097

Photos by Isaac Danuloff